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Sony CMT-MX550i Micro Hi-Fi with iPhone

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Contemporary Style Sleek monolithic design fits perfectly in your living room. Sure to make your mates envious with its flush fascia and stylish wooden speakers. Detach the speaker grille if you want more of a raw power kind of look. Just Dock Ready to welcome your iPod or iPhone. Not only does it play all the songs on them but it charges while playing too. All in One Convenience One small system is home to so many different music sources including CD, iPod and DAB radio. You can even play songs from a USB stick. Powered to Please Impressive sound with an S-Master digital amplifier and booming 60 watts of RMS power output. Fine tune your sound with the bass/treble equaliser or let the beat drop with Bass Boost. Ideal for any music from house to hiphop, rock to pop or jazz to classical. Easy Connections Wherever your music lives, enjoy it. This system easily connects to other music players and memory cards using USB or audio in.

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