When you purchase from us as you are protected by a 1 Year Warranty. This means that even though you are not buying a Brand New item you can still rest assured that if anything happens to your item in normal use that we will resolve the problem for you.

We offer a One Year Warranty on all items except media and consumables. The warranty does not cover physical damage, water damage, or any damage caused by unlocking a mobile phone or by amending it in any way from the condition that it was sold.

We will need to fully test any items that are returned under warranty to ascertain the fault and then work to resolve the problem. If an item not be found to be defective it will be dispatched back to you. If however an item is found to be defective we will:

  1. Repair the item.
  2. If no repair can be made then we will replace the item.
  3. If no replacement can be found then we will refund the item back to the current sale value in the form of a BASEO voucher.

Repairs can take up to 28 working days but will usually be resolved within 2 weeks.

For further details on the conditions of the warranty, please contact us at help@baseo.co.uk